New & Fresh

First things first: hello everyone!

If you follow my socials, you’ll probably already have the info, that I was a victim of a random hack on Worpress-pages. No fun at all of course… My homepage was still online partially, but besides not showing my portfolio anymore, I no longer had access to the editor.

After some back and forth with my webspace-provider only one solution was left: recreate the homepage from scratch. Well… and here we are with a new WordPress-theme, new content and a new design. If you know my old homepage, there are many similar elements and I again tried to keep it simple. I am no great expert in webdesign and I hardly have any programming-skills, but I was suprised, how much I was still able to manage and to adapt without watching any tutorials. Of course it took me days until I was satisfied with the first pages, but overall I happy with the outcome.

I hope you like what you see here. Of course there will be new artworks uploaded, new blog entries and I’ll probably adapt some elements here and there.

Feel free to contact me and/or give me feedback. Follow me on my socials: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

…and have a look on my portfolio on Artstation.

Cya and cheers!